Funeral planning can be a difficult process while grieving the loss of a loved one. But having a funeral provides those who are grieving a place to receive support, come to terms with their loss, say goodbye, and honor their loved one’s life. Being surrounded by family and friends lets everyone share stories and memories and creates a lasting support system as everyone begins their grief journey.




Families sometimes discount the value of a funeral ceremony after the death of a loved one, even though it is often an important part of the healing process. Meaningful ceremonies give family and friends an opportunity to offer and receive emotional support, to share memories of their loved ones, and to draw strength and consolation from their family's faith tradition.

We often hear families say, "Weddings and funerals are the only time we get together". As humans we naturally seek to come together to celebrate happy times and to support one another during difficult times. In the wake of a loss a gathering gives us an opportunity to focus on the life of our loved one by demonstrating collective love and respect for the deceased and a time for the healing process to begin.

A funeral or memorial service should express the joys, adventures, choices and relationships that defined a lifetime. Our funeral directors and staff will assist you in developing a ceremony which helps your family and friends remember and begin to heal. Whether you prefer a church service or wish to utilize one of our spacious chapels, our funeral directors and staff will guide you through the process. At both our Newark and Heath locations we offer a choice of warm and comfortable venues to come together to visit with friends and celebrate a life well lived.  By taking advantage of our audiovisual equipment, graphic design services, reception facilities and catering services, you can create an event that can be shared with distant family members and be remembered for many years to come.

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