Why Preplan

We plan for many events in our lives. Whether it’s for the next generation’s education or a family trip or retirement, we normally have plans for big events. Often, we share these plans with family and close friends, both to seek their opinions or to ensure that our wishes are known.

But planning for our funeral service is somehow different. It’s an uncomfortable reminder of something most of us prefer not to think about. Yet, by taking these steps in advance of the time of need we can ensure that our wishes will be respected and – perhaps most importantly – avoid imposing a painful burden on those we love.



Honoring Your Wishes

More than a quarter of the families we serve at Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral and Cremation Service have pre-planned some portion of their funeral arrangements. Some have gathered all the information and have it on file for their services: family member’s names, memberships, hobbies and accomplishments for their obituary; others provide details about their music preferences or the nature of the religious services they desire. Many have decided on cemetery and burial arrangements and have provided much of the necessary information to prepare a death certificate. This may seem like a difficult and uncomfortable topic, but when the time comes, it is best to be prepared through proper pre-planning.

Financial Options

Contrary to what you may have heard, pre-planning does not necessarily require pre-payment. By working with our funeral directors to plan service arrangements and make your wishes known, you’ll take an important first step toward ensuring your wishes are honored. But you may also wish to ease the financial burden on those you leave behind. Our licensed funeral directors can help you explore options to help you achieve this goal as well, either through assignment of existing life insurance or through a specially designed funeral trust, offered through the Ohio Funeral Directors Association and guaranteed through an agency of the State of Ohio.

Start Preplanning

To request an appointment with a funeral director from Henderson - Van Atta - Stickle please contact us.

To preplan your funeral decisions and have them kept on file at Henderson - Van Atta - Stickle, please start plans online. For assistance in completing this online planning process, please contact us by calling
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