Cremation Options
Henderson-Van Atta-Stickle Funeral and Cremation Service operates the only on-site crematory in Licking County. For you, this means even greater peace of mind. Your loved one is always in our care and our staff is involved in every step of the cremation process. We also adhere to strict identification procedures to ensure things are in order before, during and after the cremation is completed.

cremation When choosing cremation, there are many service options available, in addition to a wide selection of merchandise and memorialization choices.

You may choose to have a traditional funeral service followed by cremation. With this option, your loved one is present for the viewing and service. An oak service casket is typically used during the visitation and service. Sometimes families prefer a memorial service where the body is not present during the service. An urn may be used instead. In addtion to the urn, a picture and other memorabilia may be used as a representation of your loved one's life.

When a memorial service is selected, there are usually fewer time constraints. While some may opt to have a memorial service immediately following the death of a loved one, others may choose to wait weeks or even months after to have a service. It really depends on the circumstances and desires of each individual family.

Also with cremation, there are various means of disposition available. The cremains can be inurned in a cemetery - either by earth burial or placement in a columbarium niche. They can also be placed in an urn and kept in the home. Cremains may be scattered on land or sea, seperated and placed in smaller keepsake urns, placed in keepsake jewelry and even blown into a piece of glass artwork.

The options available with cremation are as varied and unique as the individuals being celebrated and remembered. Please be assured that our staff is here to help guide you in selecting a most fitting tribute.